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You help them with the move and we will help them pay for it.

As a mover, you provide a valuable, but sometimes costly service.  Your customers might experience sticker shock after you provide them a quote. Moving.Loans can help make quoting jobs easier with low fixed payment financing options that can make any size quote more affordable.

Offering financing can increase conversion rates and make your quote look more affordable compared to the competition, all while increasing the average ticket size. Customers who finance the purchase may be more inclined to throw in the extra value added services you offer.

Customer finance program for moving companies.
Offer your customers moving loans to pay for their move


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Easy Integration

With our easy to install tech integration, your customers can apply for financing right on your website.

Consumer Financing Program for Movers


We will provide you with access to reporting 24/7 and application notifications so you can follow up with approved applicants.


The more of your customers that get approved, the more sales you make. We can approve applicants with credit scores as low as 500.


We provide non recourse loans to your moving customers so you have no risk if the customer defaults.


Once the customer is approved and loan documents are signed, we can fund you via direct deposit in as little as 24 hours.

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